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A series of conductive elastomer products


conductive elastomer,EMI shielding material,conductive silicone rubber,extrusion, conductive hollow/solid strip,compression molding/Bonding O ring, conductive molding parts,Die-cutting conductive gasket,conductive silico...

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Conductive Elastomers,A Superior Solution of EMI Shielding


EMI shielding silicone rubber material

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山东11选5开奖2019 International electronic (shenzhen)China thermal materials exhibition


The thermal gap material has good softness (compressibility) and can fill the variable gap between multiple components and the universal heat sink, while only causing extremely low pressure on the components。

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Thermal conductive silicone


the thermal conductivity of GAP060 can be up to 6W/m.k and can be compressed under high pressure. It has good dielectric strength and can be easily compressed under low pressure. It can provide excellent thermal conducti...

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Silicone and EPDM


The gasket extruded materials was made by silicone or EPDM rubber.with different property.

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Conductive Rubber Market 2017-2022 - Global Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts Report


Conductive rubber is used in many industries such as automotive & transportation, electronics & electronics, industrial machines, and others including construction and food & beverages。

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Materials : medical TPV replace rubber in O-rings and gaskets


Newly launched medical-grade TPV elastomers for injection molded O-ring, gasket, and diaphragms exhibit long-term sealing performance, cost less to process than thermoset rubber, and provide manufacturing advantages over。。。

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